Tom Barnes
Brooklyn, NY

Bio: I try to have fun with everything that I do. Even the most mundane and fruitless activities (blogging???) I try to look at them in new ways, and crack jokes with 'em, or use them to build. Here, what you will see me doing is writing. I write about music, food, people, and anything that I find interesting. I write poetry, stories, articles, reviews, treatises, and everything in between. I like making people laugh; I like making people cringe; I like making people think. I really like when I can make people do all that at the same time. I'm here to entertain you because I like you. If I met you that could possibly change, but probably not; there's very few people I've met that I haven't liked, and almost nobody that I've hated. Crack a smile at my pieces if you can manage it, and if you can't, try and smirk. Enjoy. Tom Barnes/Mot Senrab

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