Big Boi Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors Album Review @PolicyMic

December 16, 2012

Picture 3

My review of Big Boi’s Dangerous Lies and Vicious Rumors up on PolicyMic –> Hip Hop at its most ambitious and visionary.

I know I been slacking on this whole WordPress thing. I find WordPress dashboard setup to be too awkward and complex for writing my posts. Too much cybereffort. I got other cybershit doing, which is easier to execute and is more rewarding for contentconsumers and I. WordPress can go suck a hyperlink.

How funny would it be if WordPress censored me for writing this? Check back in a few days to see if CONCRETE CARNIVAL is still up. Check back in a week to see a link for my TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2012 that’ll also be going up on PolicyMic.



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