DOOM Re-emerges!

September 6, 2012

The SuperVillain takes over BBC Radio to announce his return to the world, with a two hour all-DOOM broadcast on the Benji B Radio 1 show. The Metal Face has been cryogenically frozen in his secret volcano lair for past three years, chilling, brooding, plotting his next menacing assault on the citizens of the world.

The BBC Radio takeover comes on the coattails of his newest and unexpected JJ Doom release Keys To The Kuffs. A full album stream of that johnny cake can be found here. Definitely worth many listens.

We’ve been waiting on a ton of promised projects from this dude for a while now. He mentions them, says they’re coming, he’s working them all simultaneously: new Madvillain, a Ghostface-collab DOOMSTARKS album. Bets on which comes out first and which never comes out at all?

Anyway, the radio broadcast and the album stream probably won’t be up too much longer, so get um while they’re still fresh. Fuck stale music.


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