Flying Lotus and Earl Sweatshirt — “Between Friends”

July 23, 2012

Flying Lotus released a new track through the Adult Swim Singles Program, contributing to the network that helped him get his start. It’s free for download, but Adult Swim just totally redesigned their website today and their Shockwave plug-in has been wonkin out on me (bad day for an overhaul when you know so much additional music blog traffic is going to be passing through).

The track features young Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt and “Captain Murphy”, a fictional sea captain from Sealab 2021, and not a rapper. The Captain’s got bars though, serious bars that sound a helluva lot like someone else’s we just heard, with a little more character in his voice. [edit: on fourth or fifth listen I started doubt my original assumptions and I actually have no idea]

Fly Lo and Earl Sweat are a match made in abstract-alternative hip-hop heaven. Their sensibilities pair perfectly. Starting, stopping short, flowing perfectly together in time. We need more music from the two of them—collaborating or separate—more hip-hop from Fly Lo, and more verses from Sweatshirt. The interview attached to the single has Fly Lo hinting at a new CD. Fly Lo seems like a good guy, he laughs easy; he seems likeable and down to earth. I imagine Sweatshirt is the same, but shyer. The world could use more humble visionaries.




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