Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools (Drank)” Single

July 13, 2012

Some people like the way it feel/ Some people want to kill they sorrow/ Some people want to fit in with the popular, so what’s my problem?

Kendrick Lamar’s new single considers the symptoms and problems of alcoholism from every angle. The single shows the depth and scope of cultural and psychological analysis Kendrick’s writing can capture. It reinforces the fact that his craft is on a whole other level than most other artists in hip hop today. Kendrick is more than just a 12-bar, couple nights in the studio, couple mixtapes, couple features half-hearted, cussing, in-and-out rapper. “Swimming Pools” boasts an intriguing insightful concept, three very differently styled verses, two different choruses that add more layers every time they come around. The song is a little poppier than most of the Compton rapper’s other material, but after a few listens I found the pop fades and all there is K.Dot. The man’s songs reach a level of musical complexity unmatched in hip-hop today. Each of his verses questions and redefines what it means to flow.

Listen to this track and then go back and check out “Cartoons and Cereal”, and of course you’ve already heard “The Recipe”, and tell me I’m wrong.

good kid, m.A.A.d city is set to drop October 2, 2012. Have you the mind to be excited yet?

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