Slaughterhouse “My Life” Music Video

June 25, 2012

When I first heard this track a few months ago on its initial leak before the music video, I admit I was disappointed. I thought it was too poppy—like a field set to be eradicated in Afghanistan. The beat forced bouncy, cheesy flows from the members of Slaughterhouse; rhythms not fit to accommodate the amazing lyricism they are capable of.

Giving it a second, third, and fourth listen on release of the video I’ve found that I’ve warmed to it. I like the hook, and I started to feel motivated and persevering and optimistic, which is what they’re trying to rouse. The beat and the video highlight the best of the wordplay, which is humorous and quotable: “Now babes with the 34Fs adore me/ I took the rock and the hard place and made the best orgy”.

I still think the song a bit too poppy, but so is everything Eminem touches nowadays.

Introducing the video with the extended Eminem Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous gag fits with the general cheesiness of the song, and is appropriately camp.

I find it strange that there are more shots of Cee-Lo in the video than there are of any of the rappers in Slaughterhouse. He’s placed in the center of the group and has more close-ups than any of the others. The members of Slaughterhouse and their verses seem to take a backseat to fanfare created by Cee-Lo and Eminem. The two of them seem to be cashing in on their household names, acting like glorified hype men, trying to boost the group into the limelight. Whether that will pan out when Welcome To: Our House drops remains to be seen.

All in all, I respect the Shady business model of releasing super-poppy singles peppered into albums full of harsher, core-hip-hop. Let them make the money, as long they deliver with the bangers…

Welcome To: Our House—coming July 10

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